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Receive a healing ceremony and shamanic practices to calm your fears, optimize your health and strength, and radiate divine spiritual light for the benefit of all.

In times of collective challenge and fear, we actually have far more resources than we realize…

We’ll find them when we tap into powerful wisdom beyond the physical — to guide us in right action for our personal wellbeing, to navigate emotional storms, and to energetically strengthen frayed community bonds.

Shamanism first emerged to serve the practical needs of tribes and communities for personal healing, and to move through collective challenges.

Now, with the world in tumult, we’re being called to access these potent ancient practices.

Shamanism empowers us to be pillars of light and strength, capable of weathering emotional storms and creating protection for ourselves and those we love.

Sandra Ingerman has been at the forefront of bringing shamanic practices to a global audience, training tens of thousands of practitioners worldwide…

As the scope of our current crises becomes more evident, Sandra has generously offered to set aside a full 90 minutes (30 minutes longer than our typical Shift events) to share some of the MOST valuable shamanic practices…

Join us for this online event to boost what Sandra calls your “spiritual immunity” — a state in which you optimize your health, strength, and capacity to help support the spirits of those around you.

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