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Are you ready for Awakening Now?🙂 – Surrender, Trauma Past and our Deepest Desire for Freedom

We live in a unique moment in time – time that can open an even stronger invitation to Awakening and Freedom.

What often holds us back is our capacity to Be Here and that means our capacity to be with the un-met, unresolved past, and in particular trauma past that may be even more present and visible now.

There is also often a misunderstanding of what desire for Truth and Freedom really is and what does it mean to Surrender–before, during and after Awakening.

In this upcoming 3-week intensive Neelam will address some of these fundamental questions with you –

  • Are you ready for Awakening? 🙂
  • Is Awakening for you?
  • Where are you at now in your experience and where are you at in the process that leads to Awakening or after Awakening–and how does that stop you from Awakening Embodiment and Freedom Now?
  • What is desire of Truth and Surrender and how to overcome Unworthiness and Doubt

Neelam will be speaking about Trauma and Past and Inquiry as well and there will be plenty of time for questions and to practice together.

Topics for Week 1 (10am-1pm MT) & Week 2 (10am-2pm MT)

  • Is Awakening For You?🙂
  • True Surrender and how to follow Desire for Truth
  • The Role Of Past and Trauma in Awakening and Freedom
  • Overcoming Unworthiness and doubt
  • How the challenges you experience now are an invitation to a deeper Inquiry and Freedom
  • How to recognize Suffering – discrimination between thinking ( mind) and mental states and between being with what is present
  • How To Work With Fear, Survival instinct and Trauma in Inquiry

Topics for Week 3 (10am-1pm MT) – All are Welcome to Join

  • Invitation to Awakening and Freedom is always here 🙂
  • What is Addiction? And the spiritual meaning of addiction.
  • How to break our addictions and our reliance on the mental, emotional and physical states
  • True Love – Spiritually and Relationally

Registration Link: https://neelam.org/202006-june-3-week-intensive/