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Freedom in times of Uncertainty – The role of the  Nervous System and Trauma in Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom

We live in an extraordinary time of Uncertainty and change – which both brings up more Past / Survival and reactivity in our Nervous Systems and at the same time opens an amazing opportunity for Awakening and Freedom.

How can we respond Now to this invitation?

Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom are the true purpose of this life and the 3 most important elements of our spiritual journey ????

Recognizing Presence as our True Nature – and especially in the midst of Change, – Embodying it and uncovering the functionality that comes from that, and experiencing the true independence from the Past that I call Freedom.

One of the most essential elements in accomplishing these “goals” is Capacity of our Nervous System to Be Here.

As I sit with students in programs and private sessions – and especially now –  I often encounter issues around  Trauma Past and Survival and how that affects the nervous system and its current ability to Be Here.

The capacity of the Nervous System to Be Here IS the missing link between our desire for Truth and our actual ability to Be Here, to truly and independently function from and have a sustained experience of Presence.

Trauma past and Survival – and the way current events affect our Nervous Systems and brains – are often some of the most challenging experiences that continue to affect our NS in a very specific energetical way and is often one of the more challenging experiences when it comes to sustaining our ability to Be Here.

Understanding how the nervous system and brain functions, and how Past affects our physiology, recognizing the lasting effects of Trauma Past on our ability to Be Here and learning how to help the nervous system and brain to Be Here – and especially in times of Uncertainty and change are key to Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom.

In this 3-Week  intensive we will address Awakening, Embodiment, and Freedom and the role of the Nervous System in that, and address the particulars of  Trauma and Survival and how to meet the effects of it in Presence and grow our ability to Be Here.

As in all our meetings, there will be plenty of opportunities for  sharing, Q and A and time to practice Inquiry together

I recommend this program to all students working with me in programs and private sessions right now as it is going to provide a frame of reference for much of the necessary nervous system work that we are doing together.

Please register early for this program so you can write a short 1 page- homework on :

  1. What is your current practice and daily experience of Presence?
  2. Where does fear of survival arise in your life right now and what events in your life can be described as Trauma Past? Please also describe areas of your life where you experience a challenge in your ability to Be Here – if different from above

Areas of focus

  • Awakening, Embodiment and Freedom & how current events affect our ability to Be Here
  • Uncertainty as a gateway to Awakening
  • Capacity of the NS to Be Here and its role in Awakening and Freedom
  • What is Survival /  Trauma and how does it affect our ability to Be Here
  • Effects and Symptoms of Trauma Past
  • Survival and the role of Trauma in the spiritual journey
  • How to understand and learn to address Survival/ Trauma in Presence

Dates & Times

Week 1: Sunday, August 2nd – 10am – 1pm Mountain
Week 2: Sunday, August 9th – 10am – 1pm Mountain
Week 3: Sunday, August 16th – 10am – 1pm Mountain

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