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~Priestess Classes A-La-Carte with Amalya~

In lieu of a full year Priestess Training Program this year, I have decided to offer three (or four perhaps) “A-La-Carte” one day Priestess classes for anyone who would like to have an introduction to Pagan spirituality and build a foundation for conducting Pagan gatherings in celebration of the Sacred Feminine. These classes are open to all who honor the Goddess.

$80 each. 9:30 – 3:30
(BYO Lunch)
Please sign up in advance by registering with Amalya via PayPal:

1. Sun Feb 9th: Wheel of the Year, Seasonal Sabbats & Cycles of Correspondences: Re-frame to ROUND: Think outside the box (book?) and reframe the legacy of patriarchal religious hierarchy to seeing the sacred in seasons and cycles. Explore early community seasonal (Sabbat) celebrations that honored earth’s cycles and the re-appropriation of those Holy Days by patriarchal religions. Discuss different systems of WHEELS of the Year including Celtic traditions, Native American, and Amalya’s unique “Training Wheel” that maps various cycles of correspondences aligning Gaia’s seasons to the cycles of the moon, the elements, and a woman’s life passages.

2. Sun Mar 15: Elements & Directions & Casting a Circle: Discuss the significance of the cardinal directions (N, E, S, W, & Center) and the fundamental “Elements”– Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether/Spirit & the symbol of the Pentagram. Meet the Elementals: Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, & Salamanders. Enjoy an experiential process of communing with the Elements outdoors. Invoking & calling in the Directions/Elements & casting a circle.

3. Sun Apr 19: Creating Sacred Space & Designing Ritual What is ceremony? Why do ritual? How do we create sacred space for a group? Discuss building altars; holding “space” and managing group energy; cone of power concepts; safety and circle management; and counsel sharing and conflict resolution. How to craft a group ceremony using a unique agenda-outline/template designed by Amalya. How to sanctify and bless. Space clearing, Handfastings & other rites of passage. All classes will be held in the beautiful, sacred space and gardens of the Goddess Studio in Escondido.

Once you register I will email you a confirmation with the “Delightful Details & Directions” which includes the private gate code, parking info and other details. Please remember to check your email you’ve associated with your Meetup account for this message.

I look forward to seeing you at one or all of these classes!
Until we merry meet!
Blessed be,
Love Amalya