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“ARUN Conscious Touch Meditation”… with Anubuddha
Angel’s Landing, (Shahido and Govindo’s home) Encinitas
Sunday November 3, 2019… 2-5 pm
RSVP for exact address
it will be upstairs

A light-hearted afternoon dedicated to the miracle and mystery of Meditative Healing Touch. Anubuddha was born in Coronado in 1952 and attended USD for 4 years on a full Basketball scholarship. In 1973, he fell in love with Hatha Yoga and this led him to traveling to India in 1976. He became an intimate disciple of Osho, and studied Yoga with BKS Iyengar and Swami Satya Pujari. For the last 45 years, his main passion and creative work has been in exploring, practicing, and sharing “Touch-based Healing” methods. While living with Osho in India and Oregon, he pioneered and taught many forms of healing touch in Osho’s Ashram and Communes between 1976-1992… ie: Rebalancing, CranioSacral Sensitivity, Hara Awareness, Spinal Adjustments, and Osho Neo-Yoga. In 1988, Anubuddha began serving as Osho’s personal “Touch-based Doctor”, and shared over 150 intimate individual sessions with Osho… this was a deeply transformative and illuminating time for him.

In 1994 Anubuddha and his love partner Anasha (from France) created “ARUN Conscious Touch” together. In the last 25 years, they have circled the globe 20 times teaching in India, Japan, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Greece, Holland Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, and the US. Anubuddha is known as a “Teacher of Teachers”…Currently, Anubuddha & Anasha are living in Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

This one afternoon can radically shift how you understand the Human Energy-field, Electro-magnetism, Conscious Touch, and Meditation.

Please RSVP to Anubhddha by Nov. 2nd if you plan to attend