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You are invited to be in the co-creation of an Ayni Despacho (Andean Prayer Bundle) to honor Mother Earth at this time of the Harvest Moon.

The Ayni Despacho ceremony is from the Q’ero lineage of the high Andes of Peru. Ayni means reciprocity. In traditional cultures reciprocity is key. One does not expect to receive what one has not already been ready to give. So we give our highest energy, our refined energy or sami to the Other Side. In the process we create a mandala-like representation of the blessings always pouring forth. This is a powerful ceremony for opening pathways to manifestation. This despacho ceremony is designed as a teaching despacho, so that you may integrate practice this into your own life.

$25 materials and teaching fee.
Address provided upon completion of RSVP.

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