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Bliss Yoga welcome’s Shivanada back to Bliss Yoga,
May 16th 6pm-7:30pm satsang and group healing 7:30-8:30pm.

Join us in a celebration of Divine Love.
“Place Love in your body and try to feel it inside your cells. Love can change cells genetically, and alter DNA. The energy of Love contains a wonderful secret for healing on many existential levels. Plant the seeds of love, hope and light. Feed and take care of them forever. Once these Love seeds sprout they start fulfilling their purpose, and will function on higher levels. They are laying the foundations of harmony, comfort and peace. Everything will be brought to the Golden Age.” The system of healing that was revealed to Shivananda during his Samadhi is based on Kundalini energy, the Energy of Mother Earth. In guided meditations he gently and safely supports the awakening of this energy, clearing blockages and allowing more light to enter your chakras. Powerful mantras, breathing techniques and other exercises are a fundamental part of his teachings. 
Please bring a cushion or pillow for your seating comfort.

$40 cash only at the door.

Bliss Yoga
312 North Coast Hwy 101 
Encinitas, CA 92024