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Come join us for an evening of sound healing to bring balance and harmony to your body, heart and mind.

The experience includes light movements, a isochronic Binaural beat meditation, Shamanic or Yoga Nidra journey, and 1:30 minute gong sound healing with 11 planetary gongs, hand pans, native american flute, singing bowls, and more.

These sound healings are unforgettable cosmic journeys that are aligned with the Vedic Astrology of the day:
The Sun travels with Mercury retrograde in Libra allowing for time to slow down so you may experience deep intuitive states of balanced bliss.
When the frequencies of the mind are in balance, then your perspective is clear creating space for decisive action for your hightest and healthiest good.

Go to www.lightvibrations.us to register and learn more about Dhyanjot and the Light Vibrations Gong Ensemble.

Special Couples price available. Pre-register early and save