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Crystals, Sound, & Sacred Geometry: Vibrational Medicine in Theory & Practice

Sound, crystals, and sacred geometry have long been used to transform a wide variety of vexing human conditions.  Now there is a growing body of scientific evidence that explains the mechanism underlying these results. In this presentation, we’ll explore how sacred geometry at all scales can be used to understand the nature of sound and how it is related to consciousness growth, as well as original research showing how information can be stored and erased in quartz crystals and Tibetan bowls.

Human bodies are 60% to 70% water by volume, but 99% water by number of molecules.  We’ll look at how a Nobel Prize winning scientist has demonstrated that information can be stored in structured water and how this information can inform our DNA.  We’ll also look at a new theory on how information may be stored in the atomic crystalline structure of quartz and will compare it with how information is stored in the structured water of our cells.  We’ll discuss a proprietary method to delete information stored in the water comprising 99% of our molecules, restoring them to their natural state.  In this natural state, people report feeling deep inner peace and connected with their life purpose.

We’ll also explore critical elements of building design/architecture as a means to exponentially enhance Vibrational Medicine treatment efficacy.

Finally, we’ll conclude with some case studies of the amazing transformative experiences people have had during Vibrational Medicine sessions; many of these clients’ experiences have been far outside of their existing reality paradigm and resulted in deep spiritual, mental, and physical healing.

Participants will receive a hand out describing how to program and clear crystals using scientifically supported methods, including how to create useful programs to use with crystals and jewelry.


John St. Claire, our presenter, is a graduate student at the California Institute of Human Science doing research on sound and crystals and their applications in healing and human consciousness. He teaches classes and workshops on Sound Healing, Crystals, and Consciousness, and presents at scientific conferences on these topics. He has been in private practice for the last 10 years and has assisted hundreds of clients to overcome obstacles, connect with the essence of their being, and embody a sense of lasting deep inner peace.

John has been a performing musician for over 50 years, has done sound design for theater and feature films, and performed hundreds of sound meditations. He has multiple degrees in music, is accomplished in all musical styles, and teaches all the stringed instruments part time from his studio in Encinitas. He has studied with many internationally recognized scientist and spiritual teachers and has been trained and certified in a long list of complementary healing modalities.