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— Carlsbad/La Costa

Sunday, April 28, 2019 — Carlsbad/La Costa

We invite you to join us in our sacred singing circle this Sunday, April 28th, from 7:00-9:00 pm, at Donna & Teeto’s home in Carlsbad/La Costa. This evening of “spiritual, mantra-based” song, established over 25 years ago, is a beloved, time-honored practice in which we come together to create, express and affirm our highest vision for our lives and for the world.

Simple prayers and chants, set to music, inspire peace, love, service and compassion for oneself and others. These blessings, in the form of affirmative, meditative and mantra-like phrases, create a healing space through which to connect with spirit and our own inner light. This practice originates in the heart and celebrates our divine union with all of life. It’s similar to kirtan except that we are singing mostly in English.

Please come a little early (before the opening prayer of the evening) if you’d like some time to get centered and/or meditate before we begin. And, for those who are environmentally sensitive, we kindly ask everyone attending to refrain from wearing any fragrances of any sort (including perfumes and essential oils).

All voices are welcome, or, if it’s your preference, come and simply listen. We gather together in harmony celebrating our sacred connection to all that is. This evening is offered on a love donation basis.

For more information,

Donna and Teeto’s home:
2845 Cacatua St.
La Costa, CA 92009
(760) 431-7658
From 5:
Exit LaCosta Ave., Go east.
Turn Left at El Camino Real.
Turn right onto Alga.
Go to top of hill, turn left at El Fuerte St.
Second street, make a left onto Cacatua.
Seventh house on the left: 2845 Cacatua St.

From 78:
Exit Sycamore Av., Go south.
Turn left onto S. Melrose Dr.
Go across Palomar Airport Rd.
Turn right onto Poinsettia Ln.
Turn left onto El Fuerte St.
Make the first right onto Cacatua St.
Seventh house on the left: 2845 Cacatua St.

“A Great Song is singing throughout Creation.
This song expresses within and through everyone and everything,
singing to us in the language of our heart…
May we awaken to the Great Song and know that we are forever a part of it.”
— Michael Stillwater