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A healing ceremony of sacred light and sound featuring sound healer Shelly Reef and the visionary artwork of Frida Gisladottir.

Welcome to a live, channeled sound healing based on the visionary painting: “DIVINE RAY”.

The painting, created in Iceland by visionary artist Frida Freyja, depicts a ray of divine intelligence presenting as light. Shelly, a channel of light intelligence, has been receiving visions of this exact nature since her childhood. Frida and Shelly now work together to bring the message of divine love to as many hearts as possible through light and sound.

Shelly will be playing Therapeutic Harps, Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls and Crystal Chimes as she sings, chants, and speaks the healing meditation that will be the audio accompaniment to “DIVINE RAY.”

”Divine Ray” is one of the last paintings of the DOWNLOADING THE LIGHT series, which was completed in 2020 after many years in production.

Get comfy, use earbuds or headphones, and enjoy a journey into the light!

This is a free offering to bring sound healing to the community.

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