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Deva Premal and Miten with Manose
Returning again Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Join Deva Premal & Miten with Manose and their international band for a deep immersion into the power of mantra, with Deva’s golden voice and Miten’s songs of love and gratitude carrying us beyond our daily worries – a celebration of open hearts, moving into a timeless space together. Evenings will feature mantras from their best selling recent release, DEVA, including the transcendental Seven Chakra Gayatri Mantra, plus Miten’s songs of spiritual awakening taken from his TEMPLE AT MIDNIGHT album.

Miten: “The Wings of Mantra gatherings are not concerts in the accepted sense. We don’t see ourselves as entertainers or ‘performers’. Our music is created as a communal experience, to lighten the load of the day- today existence and to open the door to a deeper, more profound experience of meditation. It’s all about participation. Sing! Chant! Laugh! Cry! It’s all part of the mix when we come together to meditate.”

Deva: “Mantra chanting never fails to uplift the tired spirit, no matter how dis-connected we may feel. In Sanskrit, ‘man’ means mind and ‘tra’ means to be free from, so ‘mantra’ literally translated, is a bridge between the busy, chattering mind and inner peace. This has been the essence of my personal journey with music and meditation. From song into silence.”

Deva Premal, Manose and Miten’s band features: Joby Baker (bass/vocals/keyboards); Rishi (percussion); and Spencer Cozens (keyboards).

Video to Watch::: https://youtu.be/nNfh5VzpHrM

Be sure to tune into the Jan 1st–Gayatri Mantra Global Meditation

For more information, visit www.devapremalmiten.com

Deva Premal & Miten with Manose’s 2019 On the Wings of Mantra World Tour
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