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DOORS OPEN @ 7:45pm – Stretch / Gather / Connect

*** 8pm – 9pm – Wild & Free facilitated by Steffi Seefeld

Join Steffi for an embodiment practice in which we will move safely and expressively into the open-hearted experience. We tap into our primal energies that inform our bodies before the thoughts get in the way. We will discover parts of ourselves that we have always known but perhaps haven’t expressed yet with our bodies in the passionate play of the dance floor space. While exploring these new ways of moving together we get to reconnect our creativity with our heart, open up to new perspectives and gain confidence within the community. We will leave this class in a blissful flow to transition lightly into the ecstatic dance journey of the night.

*** 9pm – 11pm – Ecstatic Dance Journey featuring Equanimous

Nate Stein, better known for his stage name Equanimous, is an San Diego based DJ, producer and musician. He combines elements of future bass, house, and tribal dance music to create Blissful Bass Music, a joyous high vibrational atmosphere on the dance floor. Having toured the west coast as a live percussionist with several DJ’s, Equanimous expands the electronic music experience by playing live djembe and keys along with his tracks. He’s known for his deep bass, beautiful melodies, and extremely rhythmic beats that leave the crowd dancing and full of bliss.

His mission is to spread high vibes and joy by living from a healthy heart that shares beautiful conscious dance music.



*Water to stay hydrated.
*Clothes that allow a full range of motion.
*A good attitude, open mind and heart 💚✌🏼️ 💚
$15.75 in advance
$20.00 cash at the door
**Advance tickets sales end at 5pm Friday 3/15/19**
To pre-purchase tickets visit our website: http://www.ecstaticdancesd.org/


Ecstatic Dance Guidelines

1. Move however you wish
2. No talking on the dance floor
3. Respect yourself and one another
4. Ecstatic Dance is a Drug & Alcohol Free Space
5. Please also refrain from photos, video, and shoes & scents.

Many people dance in their own space, and others share their space with another.

To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity: Are they open to sharing their space with me? Mirror movements, offer a hand, brush by, make eye contact, and see & feel how they respond…