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Explore the wisdom of the Celtic Calendar, the turning of the wheel, in this webinar series.

Exploring Celtic Wisdom: Story of Imbolc

Dr. Joel Ying and Janis McCall

Celtic Tradition is deeply rooted in the rhythms of the earth, sun, moon and seasons. Feb 2nd marks the cross quarter day of Imbolc. Celtic Wisdom honors this as a time of new beginnings. Discover the Celtic Wisdom practices to honor the seasons and harness their power to manifest our dreams according to the rhythms of life.

Janis McCall lives in her homeland of Scotland deeply connected to the Celtic wisdom of her ancestors. As a counselor, she brings the sacred back into the lives of her clients. With her daily walks though quiet forests and wild waters, she connects deeply to the changing of the seasons and the cycles of life. With her grounded presence, she brings the sacred back into life by marking time through the Turning of the Wheel on the Celtic Calendar.

Dr. Joel Ying, Physician-Storyteller, lives in the United States with a private practice in Naples, Florida. His practice of medicine and his storytelling performance combines the ancient and the modern. He teaches storytelling as a performance art, community art, and healing art. Stories remind us of the sacredness of life and our connection to each other. He is drawn to the wisdom of nature and her stories to help manifest our passion and aliveness in the world.

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