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“You’d Better Watch Out” is the December 2019 event that is part of a First Thursday series of STORYTELLING events held at this venue and put on by the Storytellers of San Diego. The Storytellers of San Diego have been performing in San Diego County for 40 years. They are committed to promoting the tradition of oral storytelling as it began in ancient times before there was written word. The storytellers of old and new have always known that a culture which loses its stories, loses its heart and soul. Each first Thursday of the month features a different theme, and stories are told by an olio of 4 or 5 tellers. Eclipse Chocolate has a menu of dinner and desserts that are as delicious as the name of the restaurant implies. So come on down to South Park in San Diego and be a part of a most ancient tradition of humanity…and enjoy some good food and good stories. For adult audiences and children 12 years and up. Don’t Miss a Word!