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From Darkness into Light – A Spring Healing & Manifestation Workshop

From Darkness into Light

A Healing & Manifestation Workshop

Spring brings a movement from darkness to light, renewal, rebirth, and rising from the  darkness of Winter. This auspicious day also falls right before Easter Sunday, marking a rising from parts of ourselves which no longer serve, and rebirthing with the season of NEW energy.

 This workshop invites us to renew our seeds of intention planted from our Winter Solstice Workshop. We will  explore movement to release unconscious blockages within the physical body, usually stored in the back body: lower back, hips, and hamstrings.

The introduction of kriyas and visualization techniques will then be introduced, as we shift into preparing the body  to balance the nervous system. As we take a series of postures to release and open the energetic pathways of the nervous system, your entire being will start to become embedded with limitless unbound potential.

We’ll invite spaciousness into our hearts and light into our physical body as we move forward into the rebirth of this season. This ritual of intention setting (Sankalpa)  is an ancient tradition. We’ll connect inward to our pure conscious divine intelligence with a 90 minute energizing, yet grounding flow.

Early Registration DISCOUNT price is $25 USD (through March 31st)

Reg Rate: $35  / Early Bird through March 31st, $25✨

Saturday 3rd, April – 10:30a – 12:00p EST

Who am I?

I’m a conscious creator, human rights activist, spiritual guide, meditation + yoga teacher, transformative artist and writer. My name, Nikki Baksh, translates to Giving Goodness, which is what I aim to share with humanity….goodness.

As a scholar and yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of in depth comprehensive knowledge of meditation, dance, yoga and interdisciplinary studies, my teachings are a unique combination of modern spirituality, steeped in ancient wisdom.

Combining ease, grace, laughter, love and acceptance, I love to breathe light and humor into deep roots through each class, workshop or artistry that I create.

My asana + movement flow classes, allow freedom to explore individuality within structure. This union and harmony with our highest potential and pure limitless capabilities allow for integration of our true nature —ONE-NESS— to be breathed into every cell of our bodies.

This invokes healing. Healing happens by calling forth pure consciousness, unbound, unlimited potential into every cell of the body.

Through planting and cultivating new seeds for deeper gratitude, love, humility and compassion, we essentially start to rewire new neural pathways, creating new patterns to create the life truly desired.

Wanna know more? Stop by my site: www.nikkibaksh.com

Besides being a professional performer and artist, my certifications include:

International 500+ Certified YOGA Teacher ISHTA lineage NYC

200 hour certified Yoga teacher, Marianne Well’s, Costa Rica

Certified Meditation Teacher, under Alan Finger

Yoga Nidra and Ayurveda Teacher, under Mona Anand

Yatri Training – Yoga for Emotional Healing, under Reema Datta

Anti-Gravity Yoga, aerial under Chris Harrison

Artists and Clients worked with include:

Gwen Stefani

Kat DeLuna

Snoop Dogg

Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz

Ultra Nate

British pop sensation, Rouge

The Bollywood Awards









Good Day NY



Broadway: Bring it On pre-production choreography​

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