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**”Do you know, all those who have become enlightened have become enlightened on the fullmoon night, except Mahavira — just a single exception in the whole of history? Strange… why on the fullmoon night?”~Osho**

Come join us for this special full moon Mantra Celebration with Manish Vyas. Over the last three years, Manish and his team have been working in bringing a documentary called “The True World of Mantra” to life. This project is a humble endeavor to bring people closer to the essence of this remarkable tradition of Mantra. It has been a labor of love with a highly creative team investing countless hours to manifest this captivating audio-visual experience. You can get a taste of this project at the following link:


If you want to contibute to this project, you can do so at the following link.


Manish Vyas has been learning and teaching music for more than 25 years, which he learnt throughout his life with different maestros in India. At the age of 20, having moved to Pune to pursue his musical career (and also following his spiritual master) Manish continued learning Tabla with Ustad Allarakha while organizing and performing concerts in Osho’s presence. Manish met Jagjit Singh and played with him in a big performance presented at the Osho Samadhi. This maestro of ghazals, classic and devotional music was a big influence in Manish’s musical vision – as well as his spiritual master Gurudev, who taught him how to compose and use music to reach awareness, meditation and dissolving with the music.

For more information about Manish Vyas, please visit:https://www.manishvyas.ch/bio

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