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A guided meditation on moving gracefully into a future that is greater than the imagination can conceive.

Join Therapy Harp specialist Shelly Reef for a SOUND JOURNEY like no other. Shelly simultaneously plays an array of harps, monochords, crystal alchemy bowls, and the magical crystal chimes while holding space for your ultimate healing. You’ve nothing to do but breathe and receive the harmonizing euphoria of sacred sound.

Tickets: $35. Please purchase in advance to insure your reservation. Because space is limited we can not honor refunds or transfers requests less than 24 hours prior to the event.


  • We ask that you arrive into the space calmly and quietly.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the session to allow time for sign in as well as settling into the space.
  • Be mindful if participants are actively relaxing before the sound bath.
  • Be respectful of the healing instruments in the space, and ask for assistance to fully explore them.


The Sacred Sound of the Soul has a handful of props for use but we encourage you to bring your own. Here is a list of common items people bring to a sound bath:

  • Yoga mat to lay on
  • Blankets to cover-up
  • 2 Pillows or bolsters to prop head and knees
  • Sleeping mask or light scarf to lay over your eyes
  • Comfortable clothing


What’s the refund policy?

If you are unable to make the sound session please contact us (info@sacredsoundofthesoul.com) 24 hours before the event to request a refund.

Is my ticket transferable?

Tickets are not transferable due to the boutique venue. Tickets sell out quickly and we can not guarantee a spot will be available for a following session.


Shelly Reef facilitates intuitive sound healings, empathic readings, and is developer of the Therapy Harp Healing technique taught exclusively at Soul of Yoga. She is co-developer of AntiGravity Restorative Aerial Yoga, taught in over 40 countries.

Shelly specializes in teaching telepathy for self- empowerment. Her meditation work spans 30 years and over 20 countries. Her work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct. She is author of the soon- to- be-released book, “The Immeasurable”.

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