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Experience a Direct Divine Light healing, performed in a supportive group setting, on the Full Moon. Full moons are the perfect time to release any negative energy in your aura and blockages in your life.

Whether you are seeking physical, mental or emotional transformation, Divine Light healing is a full-spectrum aura therapy. It offers spiritual upliftment in every area of life including a greater sense of self-reliance and self-confidence, release of past traumas and negative habits, accelerated development of talent and abilities and greater harmony in all types of relationships.

The topic will be on spiritually strengthening the body’s metabolism. Biologically, metabolism is the chemical processes that convert food into energy and building blocks for the body. Spiritually, metabolism is related to how consciousness processes information and experience. A balanced and healthy metabolism not only influences our health, it affects our energy, physical strength and weight. And it greatly contributes to our psychological mood.

The evening will consist of:

A presentation on how to work with spiritual energy to strengthen the metabolism of the body.

You will be seated in small groups of 3 recipients per Certified Healer, each with a minimum of 5 years of metaphysical training.

Specific divine light rays will be directed into your chakras to release negative energies.

The divine light will then be used to uplift your consciousness wherever it is needed.

The healers will then work on your nervous system to release blockages and revitalize your nerve body.

“Spiritual energy is the single biggest key to building and sustaining health, because it connects you to your source of health.”- Barbara Martin & Dimitri Moraitis – The Healing Power of Your Aura

The aura is crucial to healing because it is the place where you generate the spiritual energy to manifest health. Built on the clairvoyant experiences of renowned teachers Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, these healing techniques have been endorsed by medical luminaries C. Norman Shealy and Dr. Richard Gerber.

NEIL MINTZ is a certified Divine Light Teacher and healer through Spiritual Arts Institute having studied at the Institute for over 15 years. After 20 years as founder and CEO of a highly successful manufacturing company, Neil sold his company to devote his full-time to his spiritual development and to supporting others on their spiritual quest. Neil volunteers his time at the Institute as Director of Events and Outreach and is currently serving as member of the Institute’s nonprofit Board of Directors.

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