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With His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang: Enlightenment Stupa consecration, Vajrayogini Empowerment, Phowa transmission and Sacred Tantric Lama Dances

There will be simultaneous Vietnamese translation available. Please kindly share with other Buddhist friends.Sẽ có thông dịch qua Việt ngữ. Xin vui lòng chia sẻ thông tin này với các Phật tử hữu duyên.

Saturday March 16th 10am to 5pm His Holiness Enlightenment Stupa consecration ceremony. Morning: cleansing ritual, Stupa consecration blessing and aspiration wish fulfilling prayers. Aspiration prayers are important for many benefits and especially for dedication of World Peace.  The program will also include Sacred Tantric Dances, reciting the Heart Sutra and other auspicious prayers.  The tantric dances are also important for world peace and are a part of the consecration to dispel obstacles, clear any negatives, disease and bring in positive energy and healing.

Sunday March 17th 10am to 6pm Phowa transmission and VajraYogini empowerment and Long Life Ceremony for His Holiness.  In the morning we will have the Phowa transmission.  It is such a blessing to have this transmission bestowed to us by His Holiness.  The Drikung Phowa transmission is very important in Tibet and India. People come from far away to receive this precious transmission.  In the afternoon, we will have the Varayogini Empowerment.  Vajayogini is a very important deity as she is an aspect of emptiness.  Whereas, Chakrasamvara is an aspect of appearance. After the empowerment, we will have a Long-Life ceremony for His Holiness which is also a very important ceremony for everyone.

 Registration required.  Please register online, call us or register at one of our upcoming events.  2-Day retreat cost $60 or $25 Saturday and $35 Sunday.