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A healing and awakening journey of vocal sounds and sacred instruments from around the world.

A truly unique sound healing event that stands way out from others now commonplace in San Diego. Come relax as you listen and meditate, but the similarities to other sound healing’s end there.

Sam is hosting this event at the Soul of Yoga in the Radha room, where you will immediately feel the difference of energy in this sacred, safe, and welcoming space. Sam is also not your typical sound healing musician; more of a “sound shaman” with an unparalleled mastery of an unbelievable range of sacred instruments and his own vocal expressions. His deep awareness and humble ways show through in his ability to let go and allow the sounds to pour through. These sounds are channeled based on the energy he senses intuitively from the people and the space around him, and are always delivered with an intention for healing. The experience can take you into another world, stirring up thoughts and feelings that help release, heal, and inspire growth. The sounds inspire deep relaxation and meditation as well as stimulate awareness and creativity. At the end of the sound journey he will bring you out feeling refreshed, relaxed, supported, and grounded.

SAM DAVID was born in Hawaii and has traveled the world sharing the activating and healing power of sound, for over 20 years. Raised part of his life with the Chumash Native Americans of central California, Sam learnt their sacred practices and drumming. The didgeridoo and voice has been his original passion and has lead him on a journey of healing and learning about the powerful effects sound has on people. Sam is an intuitive sound healer musician. He has integrated powerful sound healing techniques from many different cultures. He weaves indigenious didjeridoo sounds and Tuvin throat singing, overtones, Tibetan monks, Native American’s, and Whales of the deep. There is also a higher frequency element of crystal pyramids and crystal bowls woven through out the sound journeys.

Tickets: $30 in advance; $40 at the door

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