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Jorge Luis Delgado at the Temple of Clarity

Jorge Luis Delgado is a Shaman Holy Man from Peru

Jorge will share Andean ancestral teaching which is extremely useful to us in this process of transformation that we are living. The great change in Mother Earth will take place and will be seen if human beings change. And this is one by one, when we return to our essence of light. As Children of the Sun we play an important role in this new dawn.


– The Elder’s Story about the virus: Pachacuti, Willka Kuti and Taripaypacha.

– Introduction to Incan Cosmology: Munay, llancay, yachay (love, service, wisdom)

– Children of the Sun – Who Are We??? Father Sun, portal of life, force of life.

Solar practices.

(1) Surrendering to the light of the Inner Sun.

(2) Activating the palms of our healing hands.

– Portal of the New Light and Pachacuti

(1) Connecting with the Galactic Sun.

(2) Cleaning the eleven eyes.

(3) Activating the spiritual eye of understanding

– 7 qualities of light

(1) Clarity

(2) Transparency

(3) Luminosity

(4) Warmness

(5) Fulgurance

(6) Brilliant

(7) Illumination

– 7 harmonies of life

(1) Below: Mother Earth

(2) Above: Father Sun

(3) Right: Blood Family

(4) Left: Neighbors

(5) Opposite: Past

(6) Back: Future

(7) With yourself

– 7 daily practices

(1) Good eating / drinking

(2) Good talking / listening

(3) Good sleep / dream

(4) Good walking / silence

(5) Good meditation

(6) Good dancing

(7) Good flourishing

– The power of ceremonies with Mother Earth, with the Sun and with the Masters (Apukunas).

Please arrive 15 minutes early and enjoy free parking along the street.

In Divine Friendship and Service,

Free Event


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