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An evening of inter-galactic exploration through sound.

Join lifelong contactee Shelly Reef and Soul of Yoga/ Sacred Sound of the Soul co-owner Ryan Stanley for a conversation and sound journey beyond the stars.

We open with a discussion on the nature of benevolent contact. Next, you will be gently guided into still-point presence via the other-worldly sounds of crystal alchemy bowls, monochord and harps.

An expertly crafted guided meditation will safely and gently assist you in discovering your personal capacity for off-planet contact.

Come with an open mind and a playful heart. All are welcome!

Cost: $40 Preregistration; and $55 at the door if space permits

We recommend that you register early as attendance is limited.

About your guides:

Ryan Stanley is a parent, spouse, yoga teacher, sound healer, and a co-owner of Soul of Yoga and Sacred Sound of the Soul. Ryan sees himself as forever a beginner in everything he does. His search for meaning has involved a deep fascination with our own universe, quantum physics, as well as the infinite possibilities of other parallel worlds, other dimensions, and other planes of existence. Finding solace in non-dual philosophy instead of answers from science, he is now on a continued journey integrating family, business, service to others, and the fullest participation in the miracle of life.

Shelly Reef is a multi-faceted metaphysician, sound healer, and lifelong inter-dimensional contactee. She is the developer of the Therapy Harp healing technique, taught exclusively at Soul of Yoga and used by therapists, yogi’s and healers worldwide. Shelly is co-developer of AntiGravity Restorative Aerial Yoga, taught in over 40 countries. Her meditation work spans 40-years and her in-person teaching has reached more than 20 countries.

Shelly specializes in awakening inner awareness using sound, frequency and guided meditation. She is fluent in 5D, timelines, spirit guides, starseeds, pineal work, light-body, regression, and empathic reading. Her spiritual work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct. She endeavors to leave a trail of awakened hearts and minds wherever she visits.

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