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We live in challenging times filled with stress, division and conflict. But this does not reflect the reality of who we truly are. Through powerful metaphysical practices, including meditation and awareness, we can find peace and inner strength within, despite the seeming chaos outside. As importantly, as we embody this higher consciousness, it begins to manifest in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

The divine light meditations and universal principles presented are based on the non-denominational teachings of Spiritual Arts Institute, a nonprofit metaphysical education center. As an authentic modern-day mystery school, its goal is to help people from all walks of life accelerate their spiritual understanding and development.

Cost: Free for members, $15 Drop In

Please note this satsanga will be Live Streamed via Zoom, please preregister, then login into Zoom Meeting ID “405-039-9317”. Password is “Soul”.

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Neil Mintz is a Divine Light Healer and is on the faculty of Spiritual Arts Institute. In pursuit of ending a life-long battle with anxiety, he spent many years immersed in different meditation and spiritual practices before he began his studies of metaphysics at Spiritual Arts Institute in 2011.  Dealing with anxiety, Neil’s persistent practice of the Divine Light meditations, as well as his commitment to applying the spiritual principles, finally led to the relief he had always sought. Since then, he continues to apply the light to many other areas of his life with astonishing results. It’s the practical aspect of the metaphysical work that fuels his deep spiritual commitment and passion to  help others that are drawn to this transformational work.