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This practical workshop illuminates the core teachings of one of the most profound, sublime and influential works the human mind has ever produced. The Bhagavad Gita has been seen as a religious scripture, a spiritual guidebook, a self-help manual, a philosophical and psychological treatise, a science of consciousness, and more. It encapsulates the essence of Yoga at its deepest level, where its capacity for transforming human life is greatest. Using contemplative practices with the key passages, we will absorb the true meaning of Yoga; and, with a traditional meditation practice, we will experience the essence of the Gita’s message: Established in Yoga, perform action.

If you’ve been meaning to read the Gita, or if you’ve read it and want to dig deeper into its indispensable wisdom, this is a golden opportunity. See why Thoreau read it every morning on Walden Pond and why Gandhi called it his “spiritual dictionary” and turned to it whenever difficulties arose. The workshop will emphasize the Gita’s lessons for realizing the yogic ideal not just on a mat or a cushion, but in the midst of everyday life. The tools and insights you take away will accelerate your path to life of wholeness, unity and integration.

Cost $100

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