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In this fun, inspiring workshop led by Amy Bolego Tweedy, yoga teacher, reiki master healer, and founder of Rezen Malas, you will learn the art of mala making.
You will learn the specific uses of crystals and stones and how to use them in practice and meditation. When you leave with your own custom designed 108 bead mala necklace infused with intention you will understand what each part represents and how to care for your special piece.

The mala workshop includes a meditation, a lesson about gemstones and their healing properties to assist in you choosing the best fit for you and your soon to be mala, a guided step by step on how to hand knot a mala and about what each part represents. All materials will be provided and only high grade gemstones are offered. We will seal your intention and welcome your mala into the world with a final group reiki circle.

108 bead malas are used to meditate, set intentions, or just to wear for positive energy or a reminder of your intentions. Worn directly on the skin you keep the energetic properties of the beads close to you. When you string your own mala you have opportunity to place beautiful intentions into the beads and stones so the mala can be worn as a reminder of the affirmations you want to carry with you or send with your truly unique heart felt gift. The journey of making the mala is just as much of the practice as using your mala. Setting intention with each gemstone chosen and each knot tied.

Wear comfortable clotes and bring an open mind and fun attitude. You can bring your yoga mat if you would be more comfortable sitting on it and any special beads you may have been saving but neither are necessary.