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How do we see through the reactions and habits of our mind and embrace the clear purpose we want to share and lead with?

How do we recognize our whole self and know we act from that?

That is what this course helps you address for yourself.

In this program we go to the heart of leadership in a VUCA world: you, your inner clarity and your level of awareness. With situational awareness, leaders learn to see clearly what is, sense the emerging future and act from wise choices.

You will also learn goal specific meditations for resilience under stress, and clarity in complexity. Practical, effective meditations do not take time; they return time to you multifold to get things done aligned to your purpose and with fewer missteps.

With dynamic awareness, practical Intuition and perceptual clarity you can shine and bring the highest powers of inner integrity and wise choices to your leadership.

Situational awareness through meditation connects and accelerates the work of becoming a clear channel and creating the space for stellar teams.

“Become the Leader you want to Be”

Friday & Saturday, May 17-18, 2019


Dr. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa is a core faculty at CIL and an expert in contemplative science and its applications to augment awareness and personal growth. He is a premier teacher and developer of the global training school in kundalini meditation and yoga. Currently his focus is on the art and science of making wise decisions and enhancing mental flexibility in rapidly changing situations.