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Meditation with the Ascended Masters
“We are the sparks of the eternal flame of God.”

This is more the just a Meditation, this is an encounter and an experience with the presence of God!

Come see for your self.
The ascended masters are our elder brothers and sisters who have passed all major initiations of the spiritual path and graduated from Earth’s schoolroom, returning by free will to the heart of God through the sacred ritual known as the ascension.¹ They are the saints, teachers and masters of East and West and from all religions and cultures now residing in heaven.

Join me for a short meditation followed by a discussion of a variety of metaphysical topics which change weekly!

All are welcome – bring a friend!

Please arrive 15 minutes early and enjoy free parking along the street.

The Meditation Starts at exactly 7:30 PM

In Divine Friendship,


“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” — Zen

There is no charge or fee to attend our weekly meeting. However a suggested donation of $5-10 is greatly appreciated to offset the Meetup fees and other costs.

Meetup Video Recording Disclaimer Please note that some of our Meetup meetings may be recorded and broadcasted. The broadcast would be Internet live-streamed to the audience of The Hearts Center Community. For more information check here www.heartscenter.org (http://www.heartscenter.org/).

We will provide seats off camera for those who do not desire to be recorded.


The Hearts Center is a worldwide movement of spiritual seekers committed to realizing self-transformation and sharing up-to-the-minute teachings from ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis, our co-founder and spiritual teacher and living Messenger.

Our Goals: We realize personal enlightenment through our Higher God Self and share the teachings of the Masters East and West. We help the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light to raise our planet in Love and Joy.

Our Vision: We live in sustainable Golden-Crystal Age communities in joy and in harmony with Mother Nature, using solar sciences of the Spirit. We radiate light, and we live and love as one.

You can contact me at dennis59@gmail.com or Call me at 760-716-3664