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Sunday, Jan 26 –10am – 6pm
at the
Carlsbad Holiday Inn
2725 Palomar Airport Rd
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Annie Radzus is a Medium, Shamanic Practitioner, Evolutionary Astrologer & Trance Channel, specializing in the Akashic Records. She’ll be available for private sessions, at the Carlsbad New Earth Expo and a free workshop offering her Cosmic Wisdom & an Overview of the Current Energies.

Intuitive Betty Sanabria is a Reader, Mentor, & Life Coach who
channels to provide you with clarity and guidance to assist you to recognize and remove blockages that may be preventing you from experiencing your full potential for happiness, better health, prosperity, a fulfilling career, a passionate relationship, and much more. She will offer readings, and a free workshop – ‘Mini-Readings from Spirit’ at the New Earth Expo. ” When the student is ready, the teacher appears” . . .

Kristina Ross, pictured in the event banner above, is an amazing Visionary Artist who has won many awards, including “Best Artist” at one of the World Famous Laguna Sawdust Festivals. At the Psychic and Healing Arts Fair, she offers Spirit Guide Portraits & Readings.

Come see the wonderful West Coast Medium Vicki Murphy. She’ll be exhibiting at the Carlsbad Psychic and Healing Arts Fair on Sunday, Jan 26, and offering a Free Workshop: Past Life Akashic Readings & Healings.

Explore your chakras and learn how to strengthen your auric shield with intention and energy work. Discover how you can easily shift your energy around toxic places and people. Gain the basics of space clearing. Learn meditations, prayers, and visualizations, which will shield and protect you. Learn which essential oils, crystals, gems, and minerals will support you!

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