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Kundalini Yogis all across the world typically practice sadhana, or “daily practice.” It’s designed to revitalize a practitioner in body, mind, and spirit. Typically practiced first thing in the morning, sadhana sets the course for success in your day, regardless of the challenges that come forward. Aquarian Sadhana done in a group is an amazingly powerful experience. The Aquarian Sadhana in community, a 2 1/2 hour experience, amplifies the effect of the actual practice because the energy of the group enhances the impact of the practice. It includes meditation, yoga, and savasana, giving you everything you need to get your day off to a strong start, in community. Join us for this powerful practice from the comfort of your home and see how it feels!
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Ian Jorgensen (any pronoun) has sometimes been called an Alexander Technique teacher, a yoga instructor, a dancer, a body nerd, a man, a woman, kind, mean, generous, insightful, unthinking, empathetic, rebellious, traditional, sensitive, judgmental, unbiased and loving. He used to believe he was depressed. Some have said he has a body; Ian is not so sure. There is a website with words, thoughts, pictures and videos at happybodyclearmind.com that appears to talk about Ian and their work.

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