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What to Expect:
Rediscover your Self
with freedom, connection and peace

The Mirror-Experience is…
the process of allowing your awareness to
“be-with” what you are noticing.

Whatever is between you and Self melts…
providing access to re-discovering your
Self with freedom, connection, and peace.

How it works…
“Being-with” is the opposite of resistance.
Resistance is fear based. Being-with is love based.
Whatever the problem, love is always the answer.

Within the presence of love…
there is an Intelligence
knowing exactly what you want,
need, and how to deliver it at the optimal time.
Behind the scenes,this Intelligence
supports you during the Mirror-Experience.

Moving beyond control…
You are simply allowing “Thy will be done”…
What happens is beyond our control
and understanding. Simply notice what you are
being-with without expectations or interference.
like with innocent childlike wonder…
The benefits are immediate and cumulative.

What if…
The less you know and the less
you understand…the better.
The less certain you become and
the more uncomfortable you become …
the better.

Please stay with me here…
It is safe to be-with vulnerable feelings,
blocks, and walls.
As they lovingly melt, a state of freedom emerges
with connection and peace of mind.

Set your intention, and then stop intending.
Allow life to emerge and drop and sink into the flow.
Learn through discovery.
Playful personal research is the way.

What is important is that this process is
ancient and can’t be pushed. However,
like fertilizer in a garden
the process can be accelerated.

You will discover a natural and effortless process
empowering your life.Once learned,
it can be repeated anytime.

“Richard gave an excellent presentation
of what we may or may not experience.
I found the Mirror-Experience comforting and
it awakened a softness of my being which I
continue to notice during these few days
since the session. Thank you Richard.”
~Mary Dahout

“Lovingly being-with whatever arises in you,
brings ease and joy naturally.
Richard lives this process
which is why he is a terrific guide.”
~Bill Pearce

​“The Mirror-Experience showed me
parts of myself that I didn’t know were
so important to me. It is a great tool for
introspection that is both freeing and
~Harry Pearce

“Being-with’ any and all feelings that arises
during the practice of the Mirror-Experience
gives me a deep sense of relaxation and comfort in
knowing that all-is-well. The process gives me access to
divine-healing in a way that feels organic and natural.”

I love the way Richard’s voice is so non-judgmental and
unassuming. He exudes unconditional love.
Richard’s dedication to share this world-healing work is
beyond extraordinary. ~Briana Houston

Richard Alan’s methodologies cut through all the
psychological garbage out there today.
I am left magically empowered with peace of mind.
​ ~ Spencer Rosen

“Richard is a master guide. I will be back for more and highly
recommend you join us in this ‘journey’ of enlightenment.”
-Donna Pippens