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Ignite Your Soul and awaken your magick at Sacred Flame, a weekend gathering celebrating Summer Solstice and your potent light. Experience a deep connection with a sacred tribe, and enliven the flame within you!

The magick begins on the summer solstice June 21st and continues to Sunday June 23rd. Our time together is filled with creativity, dance, rhythm, song, music, art, nature, yoga, playshops and organic nourishment. The ultimate experience of the gathering is the all-night sacred fire circle held Saturday night to Sunday at dawn.

The Sacred Fire Circle; a holy space to dance your joy and pain, sing your love and sorrow, drum your passion and purpose. As we circle the fire through the night, what no longer serves our highest vision is offered to the flames to transmute and transform through the alchemy of fire until our spirits rise free with the dawning of the sun.

The ancient ways are returning, we are remembering… deep connections to the earth and sky… the elements … the alchemy of a sacred fire. Our senses awaken … Palo Santo. sweet sage… the pulse of the drum …. bodies flowing in motion … voices rising together in song …. We remember, and we are home.

Be a part of this magickal journey, share your light, your heart, your love. The Sacred Flame Fire Tribe welcomes you. As part of the gathering, each person contributes as a tribal community does. We ask for 4 hours of your time, to connect more deeply, to be part of something greater than the individual self. You are valued, you are worthy, you are honored. Select the team you would like to contribute to when you register.

Sacred Flame is held at Madre Grande Monastery in Dulzura, CA, 30 miles east of San Diego. Tent camp on the sacred land or in your vehicle, included in registration.

Choose the meal plan (vegan, organic, gluten free) or bring your own food. (see cooking/camp stove restrictions on the web site FAQ page)

Early Bird Registration (through April 30th)

Adults- $97 w/meals- $162
Teens12-19- $67 w/meals- $132
Kids 7-11- $37 w/meals- $70

Regular Registration

Adults- $137 w/meals- $202
Teens12-19- $87 w/meals- $152
Kids 7-11- $47 w/meals- $80

Children 6 and under are free

Vendor Spot- $25 (in addition to registration)

Send an application here-

Submit a workshop proposal with your bio
to: Sasha Zeilig SashaZeilig@gmail.com

GET MORE INFO HERE- www.SacredFlameFireCircle.com