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Sacred Soundbreath Ceremonies are monthly online sound and breathwork healing ceremonies from the comfort of your home.

Sacred Soundbreath Ceremony: Beginnings

This ceremony will take us deep into the transformative power of our breath. From the sacred space of the Red Temple we will be using the technique of conscious connected breathwork and the healing sound of the gong to journey within. Our soundbreath ceremony this month will focus on beginnings. Together we will explore the turning cycle of the year and the new things we are birthing into the world. We will create a powerful container for healing and the birth of new possibilities.

Our ceremony will include:

✨ Sacred Red Temple creation with Elemental Blessings

✨ Intention setting

✨ Luscious ecstatic dance and sacred movement to energize the body

✨ Channeled chakra meditation transmission for clearing and activation of the energetic field

✨ Guided shamanic breathwork session accompanied by divine music

✨ Sacred sound healing gong bath with the Venus Planetary Gong

✨ Discussion, sharing, and processing time

The circle is held on Zoom in the comfort of your own home. A mobile phone, tablet, or computer with high speed internet and webcam is needed to join. Connecting your computer to an external speaker will enhance your audio experience as will the use of headphones or earbuds. As this is sacred space please ensure you are in a private area and do not record or photograph the Zoom session. The Zoom link will be available after you register.

You are encouraged to set up your own private sacred space with pictures, crystals, candles, flowers, and other special objects. Dress in comfortable clothes as we will be engaging in sacred movement and then lying down for the breathwork session. Have a blanket and pillow ready to make a warm nest for yourself. Water and tissues are always good to have during a breathwork session.

Breathwork is a natural, gentle breathing method that works to connect the mind to the physical body. It can open up tremendous pathways for change, reduce patterns of stress and trauma held in the cellular tissues, and bring gifts of wisdom and mental clarity. In a breathwork session you may experience both emotional and physical release.

I look forward to sitting in sacred space with your luminous selves. Blessings! 💖

About the Facilitator:

Reverend Jennifer Starr is an ordained Minister and Shamanic Priestess who facilitates personal and community rituals for healing and celebration through Sacred Ceremony. She holds a degree in psychology and is a Reiki practitioner, breathworker, and ceremonialist. She is also available for weddings and funerary rites. Please see her website www.sacredceremony.ca for more information. See Less

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