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SATSANG: To be in the company of true people

In this poignant moment of human evolution, we gather to discuss current events from a spiritual perspective. Together, we stand in the light of truth that illuminates our paths forward.

Facilitator Shelly Reef draws from more than 30 years of spiritual practice to interweave hearts and humanity, love and truth.

A channeled perspective of the weeks topic will be shared by Shelly, after which, the floor will open for spiritual Q&A, sharing, and connecting.

We finish with a guided meditation accompanied by live harp and crystal instruments, and an uplifting celebration of being alive.

Cost: Free for memberships $15 Drop In

Please note this satsanga will be Live Streamed via Zoom, please preregister, then login into Zoom Meeting ID “405-039-9317”. Password is “Soul”.

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Teacher Bio: American sound healer and empath Shelly Reef travels the globe bringing light to the hearts of humanity. Her meditation work spans over 30 years, her teaching more than 20 countries. With the agenda of raising frequency on Earth, Shelly teaches Therapeutic Harp, meditation, and telepathy. Her work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct. She is author of the soon to-be-released book, “The Immeasurable”.