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About the NewMoon Womens Circle:

The Scorpio New Moon comes with depth, transition and rebirth energy.

Welcome sister to a circle where we tap into the mystery and surrender deeply into the arms of the old wise one in our Womb.
In sweet sisterhood we allow the magical seed for this Lunar Circle to be received and planted within supported by Cacao and guided by ancient songs and Medicine prayers.
We are weaving the web of Life – we are weaving together.

Mahima shares a space of grace through weaving Sacred Sounds of her enchanting voice with Shaman Drum, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls that offers the listener a place of wholeness and wonder. She carries an ancient wisdom of the power of sound and shares it with deep reverence in her intuitive way.
She has an experience of over 20 years in leading groups and individuals uniting her life paths of Sacred Sound, Yoga, the way of the Priestess, Shamanism and Tantra. Surrendered leadership is what she named the way she leads her own life and inspires others to explore where the emphasis is put on the inner world by trusting in our own inner guidance.
To live a life where we neither stop or force and freshly find the true yes and no in an ongoing surrender into the unfolding of the dance between inspired action and the allowing…
Mahima has recorded 5 albums and her gifts range from delivering sacred Sound meditations, hosting women’s circles and retreats, leadership trainings, hosting sweat lodges, and has performed as a musician at many festivals.