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Join your Soul Family for a community drum circle facilitated by seasoned drum circle facilitator Kerry Greene (aka Shakerman), and supported by one of Soul’s favorite live musicians, Kerem Brulé. This event is family friendly, and dance friendly too! We’ll be bringing lots of instruments to share, but bring your own favorite drum or shaker along too! This is guaranteed to be a great time and we look forward to grooving with you. Rise off your mats and get drumming!

Cost: $20 Preregister $25 At the door $10 Kids 12 & under

About Kerry ‘Shakerman’ Greene

Known for his enthusiasm, patience and abilities, Kerry the “Shakerman” leads individuals on a path of self discovery using the drums, shakers and other percussion instruments as tools for unity, creativity, empowerment and joy. He began his amazing rhythmical journey in 1993. Since then, Kerry has co-facilitated corporate rhythm events as a guest facilitator for a nationwide event company and is the in-house facilitator for an International health & wellness company. His natural ability to engage & empower students and attendees in his workshops and circles makes him a popular and engaging facilitator and educator. Kerry has facilitated and played in drum circles and drum jams nationwide and is known for his energy, skills, sensitivity, teaching ability & musical diversity.

Based in southern Oregon & S. Calif., Kerry currently manages his percussion-oriented distribution business and still hand-builds his acclaimed percussion shakers, Shakka Shakerz. He offers popular one-on-one and group drumming classes on the west coast plus corporate, educational & private drum circles and drumming/rhythm parties. He also provides professional facilitators to those seeking to offer rhythm-based events that build community or promote team building for businesses while generating a fun, safe space for attendees to explore their creativity. He is also the founder of Road To Rhythm with the motto: “Where Percussion and Passion Meet!”.

About Kerem Brulé

Drumming and percussion have been a huge influence throughout Kerem’s 20+ year musical life, and she is delighted to bring in her friend, fellow rhythm fanatic and teacher, Kerry Shakerman Greene, to give The Soul a very special opportunity to bring together it’s growing community to unite and celebrate together in rhythm and sound. Kerem will be supporting this dynamic event with her strong rhythmic sense on big bass drums, to help guide everyone back to the unifying pulse of the collective!

Beyond drumming, Kerem is most known as a sacred sound musician, creating live layered soundscapes to support transformation, relaxation and peace, including regularly supporting live music yoga and the monthly Full Moon Ceremony here at The Soul. Director and resident musician of the newly launching SoundSPACE program in City Heights (in central San Diego), Kerem is excited to host a diverse array of experiences with live sound down south including live music infused yoga, movement, and meditation classes, as well as unique intuitive music making workshops. Kerem is also the owner and proprietress of Beautiful Sounds Shop, sharing and selling many of the unique melodic instruments she has discovered and plays in her performances. Anyone can play these amazing instruments!

Links to find out more:
Kerem’s Music page: http://www.kerembrule.com
SoundSPACE Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/beautifulsounds
Beautiful Sounds Intuitive Music Instruments: http://www.beautifulsounds.shop