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The Southern Sierra Goddesses welcome you into their Sacred Space to enjoy a delicious auditory adventure and Sound Healing Journey with Kerem Brulé of Beautiful Sounds.

On Friday night, the first night of our 4th annual women’s empowerment summit, we will open our gorgeous conference room turned healing sanctuary for the weekend to soak in the divine nectar. We’d love for you to bless our space with your presence!

So enter…Welcome to the Honey Hive.

Stop for a moment. Drop into presence, coming to a still point. Noticing your breath coming in and releasing naturally back out, and pulling in again. Sensing the space around you, sensing your body on the earth. Together we will go on a journey of music created with the intention for healing, nurturing, and allowing. Relaxing, drifting, beautiful sounds. Our subconscious intelligence and imagination brings us to many destinations and experiences within our own mind. Coming to stillness allows for our nervous systems to reset. Collective consciousness is linked and is available to amplify the heart math of the group, like a hive of bees.

Southern Sierra Goddess Gathering 2019 asks the question, “How are you not honoring yourself?”

Here, we are all encouraged to be ourselves and express truthfully through heartfelt conversation, collective transformation, group healing, connection with sisters and elders, movement, dance, singing, drumming, ritual, and blessings.

When we honor each other we honor ourselves.

When we honor ourselves we honor each other.

Do you!

(Beach Front Retreat… We still have a few tickets left.)

Beautiful Sounds ~ Healing Instruments helps people to rediscover their musical expression as a healing practice. Owner Kerem Brulé is a meditation musician and healing sounds educator supporting workshops, retreats and trainings, and a growing family of sound tribe around the world.


Please ARRIVE 15 minutes EARLY to allow for parking and finding us in the southwest corner of the hotel on the ground level. (Go toward the elevator, but before you get there, turn right down the hallway toward the beach.)


Comfy clothes


Things to make you comfy.

Pillow, mat, blanket, eye mask



This event is open to all genders.

For questions, please email sashazeilig@gmail.com or DM Sasha Zeilig with any questions.