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Spiritual Healer Master John Douglas 
Sheraton Resort and Spa, Carlsbad
December 7th Introductory B Event,
December 8th C Event and
December 9th Introductory B Event
$250 each event.  
Event descriptions and registration at sss
John will be here in the SD area in Carlsbad Next weekend Friday Dec. 7th, Saturday 8th and or Sunday 9th for anyone drawn to receive what he is offering.  One only needs to come one day but you are welcome to immerse your self in two or three days!!!  WOW!   We will be at the Sheraton Resort and Spa off Cannon rd just up above lego land.  Parking is Free :-)))Each event is also available via teleconference too!
Dec. 7th and 9th are “B” events.  John talks and then takes a break and some folks will be chosen by him and the Master Healing Angels to receive a one on one healing with him after the break.  all others will receive a Silent Faith Remote session at his leisure later, which is in my humble opinion and my experience are even more powerful than one on one.
During the workshop there are numerous profound group healings.   Available via Teleconference too!
Dec. 8th is a “C” event and in this event John will talk and answer questions.  then take a short break and look over any of the forms submitted to him that are folks available for a one on one healing in the 2nd part of the group event in the group, in public.  then he returns to the group and does several healings.  Everyone else will receive a Silent Faith Remote session later that evening when John has the time and space to do so at his leisure.   Available via teleconference too!

Los Angeles, December 15th and 16th for Introductory “B” Workshops$250 each event.  
Event descriptions and registration at www.masterangels.org