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“An Endless Stream of Love Divine”

Sunday, August 18 ~ Seaside Center ~ 7 PM

Don’t miss this once a year special evening. Swami Nirvanananda really conveys a deep sense of Love, Peace and Happiness.
Help Us Support All the Good Work he does in the World.

Only public Kirtan with Swami in Encinitas this year. Join Us !

Open donations support under-privileged children in India thru the Shantipuri Friends Foundation

For more information about Swami Nirvanananda and his work, please visit:

www.Nirvanananda.org & www.ShantipuriFriends.org

In 1992, in the holy city of Jagannath Puri in India, Giorgio took the final monastic vows of sannyas and became Swami Nirvanananda Saraswati, meaning “the bliss of freedom from suffering.” A swami is a monk who renounces worldly pursuits in favor of a spiritual life of simplicity and service. Merging the teachings of Kriya Yoga with the devotional aspect of Bhakti Yoga and the charitable path of Karma Yoga, Swami Nirvanananda expresses unity in the diversity of many paths and religions, all leading to the same goal: Universal Love and Oneness with Spirit.

Since that time,Swami Nirvanananda has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United States, and India, inspiring audiences with devotional music and raising funds from CD sales and donations to help others.

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