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Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Happy Bear  — Spring Equinox

Saturday, June 26

Dear Spirit Family,
Ceremony will be Saturday June 26th at our usual time!
Lodge day as normal-
8:30 if you would like to help build the sacred Fire
10:00 is lighting the sacred Fire and a great time to be present and at the fire to add your Light and prayers!
11:30 everyone present and making ready to climb into Grandmothers womb.

I strongly recommend any first timers be present for the lighting, and better the more that are present at least physically at 10.

We will enter around noon. Potluck to follow closing circle.

Things to bring-
1 or 2 towels for lodge and after, water to hydrate prior to and after lodge, gift from the heart for the Fire Tender, food for the Whoopela (potluck), modest lodge attire, love offering for the basket if so moved, and always most important-
strong intention, strong voice, bright light and open heart. your full presence, open heart, and strong prayers!

Many have been moving thru some challenges lot of which has been pretty intense good time for releasing that for ourselves and others as we welcome and honor the new! Look forward to seeing whom ever is called to come and as always my deepest gratitude to the Rubano family who always said yes ❤❤???? Blessings

2162 Saratoga st. Oceanside, Ca.
(Follow this rather than GPS)
Mission exit off 5, go east about 1 mile to the light at Canyon st. go right and take your first right on Foster and follow to Saratoga go right to end of cul de sac and enter the back yard from the open lot.

Remember nobody will NOBODY WILL BE TURNED AWAY for lack of any of the above!

Can someone bring fresh sage and we need cotton cloth of the 7 colors?

Please contact me if you can help with this (760-815-6115) or e-mail or skype (jeffhappybear).


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