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“I am thrilled that my musical, “Monkey Mind” will be part of the 2019 Fringe Festival after conceiving of the idea and bringing it to life on the stage.”
“MONKEY MIND” is a family rock musical about a precious teen tormented with an over-active mind and suffering over the loss of her mother. Lacey and her father are overwhelmed with grief and financial worries. Lacy tries to help him out of his depression by committing to enter and win a singing contest. However, she is plagued by intense negative thoughts…her MONKEY MIND (played by characters who sing and dance around her on stage). A teacher tries to instill the practice of “staying in the now” and helping her out of her ‘monkey mind’ clutter . But not until thoughts of suicide nearly kill her does Lacy realize the value of being ‘present in the moment’.
Thanks to the creative and insightful story by Terri Weiss, the humor of her lyricist, Bill Berry, the music by Gerrado Herrara, along with the multi-talent cast, “Monkey Mind” brings to life the lessons on how we can overcome challenging experiences through inspiration and uplifting incidents in all that life has to offer!
Terri Weiss is a recovering alcoholic with 33 years sobriety who learned to control her ‘monkey mind’ using a simple method she developed over the years. As a highly regarded singing teacher in Los Angeles, Terri realized that many of her students were also plagued by negative fears holding them back from realizing their full potential. And hence, “Monkey Mind”, the play was conceived.
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