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The world we live in is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). To paraphrase Einstein, the challenges we face in business and in our communities, nationally and globally, cannot be addressed at the level of thinking that created them. The times we live in call for leaders who have the understanding, self-development, skills, and tools to release the creative potential of themselves and the people they lead. For it is our capacity to create,  innovate, and reinvent, that enables us to build sustainable cultures that not only survive, but also thrive.

We call this transformational leadership because that it what it does…transform the culture and the people in it into more dynamically aware, more capable versions of themselves. The result of such transformation is a more intelligent, adaptive, and high performance culture…living ecosystems wherein people want to come to work and do their best.

In this program, led by CIL Associate Director Bryan “Sage” Rill,  we will explore together what transformational leadership looks and feels like. Leaders will gain clarity on the difference between holding space and taking up space, between a command-and-control culture and collective intelligence, and will inventory and grow personal capacities to lead the shift.

Are you ready to take yourself and your institution to the next level in clarity, productivity, and effectiveness—and above all in humanness — understanding that this will be a growth process for yourself and your community?