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Worldwide Experiential TeleSatsang – 2 Week Intensive

Sunday, June 2 | 10am – 1pm  / 3 hour Experiential TeleSatsang
Sunday, June 9th | 10am – 2pm  / 4 hour – Half Day Retreat (TeleSatsang)

Register for one or both weeks

Awakening Embodiment and Freedom

True meaning of Surrender, The role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom
Plus, Embodiment of Challenging and Expanded states – fear, anger, Love, Bliss, etc.”

All are Welcome

Programs are fully interactive, participatory and experiential
by phone or online (audio only)


Call # 1 – June 2nd – Worldwide Experiential TeleSatsang

“The True Meaning of Surrender and What is Freedom”
Plus – The Role of the Nervous System in Awakening and Freedom

Call # 2 – June 9th – Worldwide 4 Hour Half Day Retreat (TeleSatsang)

“Capacity of The Nervous System and What Does it Mean to Be Here”
Plus – How to Identify the States that are Present & Embodiment Of Challenging and Expanded States – Fear, Anger, Love, Bliss, Etc.”

*Participants for June 9th will receive a video on growing the capacity of the nervous system to Be Here


Areas of focus:

  • What is Surrender and how can we learn to recognize and follow the inner movement
  • The role of the nervous system in Awakening and Freedom
  • What does it mean to Be Here
  • Embodiment of challenging and expanded states-fear, anger Love, bliss..
  • Practicing Being Here – refining the skills of noticing what is Present and how to remind the Nervous System on Being Here.

Awakening and Freedom are our birthright and this life is a real invitation.

We already have the amazing gift of birth in a human body and of the desire for Truth that brings us Here.

We often still need to know though and understand the” how to” and need true guidance that brings us to deeply know Presence our true nature and to come to rest.

This two week intensive is an invitation to recognize, strengthen and surrender into the desire for Truth that brings us here -which leads to Awakening and Freedom, to learn more about the Nervous System and its role in Awakening and Freedom and to Practice recognizing and noticing the states that arise here and stop us from resting Here.

When Past arises – and it is the engagement with the Past that stops us from Awakening and Freedom – it shows up in our physiology as thoughts, feelings, sensations and emotions.

We have 3 options here – engage and re-enact, which makes the past stronger 🙂 – suppress, which makes the past stronger !!! – or experience it as it arises Here.

With the arising of the Past arises the sense of I – which often remains “invisible” or hidden – and interferes with the simple allowing for whatever has arisen to just be experienced and to Be Here.

The sense of I is also in part shaped by our conditioning that tells us what “states” or experiences are “desirable” or “Ok”.
Without embodiment of any states but in particular of the more difficult states – like fear, anger, etc. – and without seeing what the true movement is from Here, the repetition of the past continues and this is how the patterns of the past survive. An impaired nervous system will also be limited in experiencing Presence, Bliss, Love.

Growing the capacity to Be here will help us embody both the challenging as well as the expanded states as we move more into Presence Awakening and Freedom.