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On October 6, 2005, Avatar Ad Da is asked a question from one of his first devotees who wanted clarification about his karma and his trouble with repeatedly getting into car accidents.  Here are some highlights of what Adi Da communicated and what we will further consider:

  • The difference between seemingly negative events like an accident, sickness or death and more ordinary events like putting on a shirt.
  • Why every moment is suitable for unlimited Profundity
  • When does a person tend to get serious about spiritual practice?
  • What is the nature of “I” and what is Prior to point of view?
  • What prevents Consciousness or Reality from being located right now?
  • What is the root sense of the self-contraction?
  • How one’s life is lived when Realization is truly understood

This will be session will be part 2 of 2. These events are always a lively, open dialog in Avatar Adi Da’s Sacred Company.

Session Details:
Date: Saturday, March 8, 2019
Time: 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Location: Online Meeting – https://zoom.us/j/5025985167
Cost: No charge but donations are appreciated via Paypal and paid to adidamlosangeles@gmail.com
Questions: Write Tim Peterson at adidamlosangeles@gmail.com or call 323-951-9344.