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The first annual UFO MEGA CON will take place March 24-30, 2019 in Laughlin, Nevada at the Aquarius Hotel, 1900 S. Casino Dr., Laughlin, Nevada 89029. Tickets range from $69-$499. Website: http://ufoMEGAcon.com

Sunday, March 24th begins a 7 day “Immersion Event” into the Experiencer Contact, UFO’s, Consciousness, Disclosure, Remote Viewing, Life after Death, Psychic Phenomenon, Historic UFO Cases, and other fringe topics.

Our days begin with speaker presentations at 8:45am Sunday, March 24th. There will be 5-6 speakers per day and we end the week with a Banquet Dinner, Saturday, March 30th.

1 Day Speakers Passes start at $79, 4 Day Packages start at $329, 7 Day Packages start at $499, Desert Night Vision Sky Watch $20, Intimate Experiencer Sessions $5.

UFO MEGA CON, a presentation focused, symposium style, educational conference. Purchase your tickets now – this event will sell out soon!


An event of significant importance in relation to the recent Pentagon “Disclosure” via release of documentation published in the New York Times, Washington Post and other main stream publications in late December 2017, will be the Wednesday night, March 27, “Military Witnesses Interview” of Servicemen from the 2004 Navy exercises of the Nimitz and Princeton hosted by film maker Robert Kiviat. These “Military Witnesses” eyewitness accounts, fueled the now infamous “tic tac” footage media frenzy. And, even more important, is what happened to them after these encounters.

UFO MEGA CON has invited “Project Bluebook” TV show creator, David O’Leary, to be interviewed  at the Saturday night banquet by Emmy Award winning Las Vegas TV Report, George Knapp. This is Mr. O’Leary’s first appearance at an educational conference. David will be asked a myriad of questions, starting with why he chose to create a TV show based on “Project Bluebook” and the story of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Don’t miss this insightful interview into a significant chapter of classic UFO Military history.

Besides presentations by 40+ speakers spanning 7 days, join us for a fun and entertaining evening with “George Noory and Friends”, Friday, March 29th.  Coast to Coast AM’s George Noory will host a panel whose goal is to stump the audience by “fibbing – convincingly” for the “Who’s Telling the Truth Game.” After, George will join our musical entertainment, Robert Perala and Linda and Malcolm Dane, will take us down memory lane where Sinatra, Elvis and others are honored in song.

UFO MEGA CON is focused on the educational aspects of contact and UFOs, but will address the experiencer phenomenon as well by offering “group sessions” for experiencers with a certified professional. A new standard of group sessions will be established at this year’s first UFO MEGA CON – The Intimate Experiencer Groups. Instead of one hypnotherapist leading a group session of experiencers, who have had a myriad of different types of contact, we will have 4 Therapists leading 4 groups at the same time; covering a variety of different and specific types of contact, different forms of communication, ways of interaction, and other important issues that arise from being an experiencer (contactee, abductee, etc.). These groups are limited in size as to give individualized attention to participants – resulting in better therapeutic interactions, and results, than ever before.

Another entertaining event being offered at UFO MEGA CON is the Desert Sky Watch with Night Vision Googles lead by Melinda Leslie and her wonderful “Sky Watch Ground Crew” of skilled Night Vision Goggle UFO sighting experts. Melinda will conduct tours Saturday night 3/23, as well as two “during conference” Sky Watches, Tuesday 3/26 and Thursday 3/28. For more information about Melinda and her UFO Sighting tours in Sedona, Arizona, please visit: http://www.UFOSightingTours.com.

SPECIAL GUESTS INCLUDE: Geroge Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM; Tom Danheiser, Producer, Coast to Coast AM; George Knapp, Sunday Host Coast to Coast AM and Emmy Award winning TV Journalist; David O’Leary, creator of “Project Bluebook” TV series on the History Channel; Robert Perala, Author, experiencer and musician; Malcolm and Linda Dane, vocalists.

UFO MEGA CON PRESENTERS: Bill Ryan; Rudy Schild; Rey Hernandez; Mary Rodwell; Daniel Sheehan; Peter Robbins; David Adair; Richard Doty; Melinda Leslie; Janet Ossebaard; Jerry Wills; Douglas Caddy; Sean & Sarah Bartok; Dave Beaty; Cheryl Costa; Dan Brock; Johnny Enoch; Thomas Conwell; Peter Smith; Jo Ann Richards; Dr. Joe Burkes; Calvin Parker; Kevin Day; Bob Kiviat; Shehnaz Soni; Mike Murburg, Esq.; John Barbour; Patrick “PJ” Hughes; Geraldine Orozco; Kate Thorvaldsen; Howard Batie; LA Marzulli; Samantha Mowat; Marisa Ryan; Gary Voorhis; Marc D’Antonio; Kerry Trent; Frank Kimbler; Jeremy Corbel, Robert Perala; Tom Danheiser; and others will join us!

OUR CERTIFIED THERAPISTS: Miesha Johnston; Carol McCloud; Barbara Lamb, and from above, Mary Rodwell, Howard Batie.

UFO MEGA CON ACTIVITIES:  40+ Speakers; daily “Intimate Experiencer Groups”; Special Guests including George Noory, George Knapp of Coast to Coast AM, and David O’Leary, creator of the new TV show “Project Blue Book”; 2 Meet Your Speakers Dinners; 2 Keynote Banquet Speakers; 5 Films; Implant Scanning; Vendor Area; 3 evenings of Desert Sky Watch with Night Vision Goggles.