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Pendulums for Divination & Healing

with Andree Martin

   Monday, March 4, 2019 at 7:00-9:00 pm

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Find the right answer & focus, stay clear.

  • Make better decisions, including choosing which supplements or skincare resonates with your body.

  • Give a healing with your Pendulum.

If you already have a Pendulum, you may bring it to class, or purchase a Brazilian Energized Crystal at half price ($5-$10). Also, you may bring in your current supplements, face creams or any questions that you would like to experiment with and ask questions if they are serving you. “I’ve used my Pendulum as a tool with great success and results such as what to order from the menu at a restaurant, what to name a pet, what supplements to take, which house to buy, etc.” Yvonne Kirkpatrick.
About Andree:  Intrigued with Metaphysics, Andree Martin has been a Teacher Educator and Leader for over 35 years.  She teaches the beginning Clairvoyant Program Part I.   She has completed the Hoffman Process Graduate, Leadership and Q2 programs, Programs at Eslan with Michael Murphy, Advance Energy Radience Certified with Jaculin Dorman, Anthony Robbin’s firewalking, has been influenced greatly by James Van Prague, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Marrianne Williamson, Ester Hicks, Summer McStravick, and more. Ascended Masters guidance have led Andree to Intuitive Insights where she has worked extensively with Vessa Rinehart-Phillips and Kathleen Albear on the institute’s programs. Her passion is teaching others how to find the joy in their lives through body mind spirit tool training.

Location:    4455 Morena, Suite #108  (Directions:  From I-5, take the Balboa Exit East, Turn on Morena NORTH. Drive 1 mile. We’re next to Costco.)

Contribution: $40 or $35 two days prior RSVP by calling 858-509-7582 or signing up at the institute.

About Intuitive Insights:  Author of Opening the Third Eye, Vessa Rinehart-Phillips discovered her gift of telepathy as a child, then later fully developed her psychic abilities by studying and teaching for 14 years at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Southern California Psychic Institute.  Vessa filmed a video with renowned psychic, Uri Geller promoting his Mind Power Kit.  She has her own television series, “The Intuitive Insight & Alternative Healing Show.” She is the director of the Intuitive Insights School of Clairvoyance.   Vessa presents Spiritual Abilities and Psychic Tools seminars across the country and has a center in San Diego, California.  For information about the center, call Vessa at 858-509-7582. http://www.MyIntuition.NET