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The Mask is not the only thing that creates a barrier between others and unhealthy environments. It’s the know how that is working from inside you- the innate intelligence that is operating within 100% of the time- making sure that you’re in the right places at the right times.

In these trying and changing times, we must begin to rely on our inner guidance to lead us, helping us to make the right decisions so that we are in the right places at the right times

We are all designed to live a long life, naturally flowing into the connections and opportunities that support our health and well-being.
Though we are all very individual, there are commonalities among us that we all share.

In this 2.5 hour Hands-On Workshop, we will help show you how you can tap into this Inner Safety awareness, ensuring that you have the tools that you can consistently rely on during times when there seem to be no externally reliable sources.

We will be guiding you through what it feels like to respond correctly in the way you were designed to live; what that feels like and how to practice that on a consistent basis.

Lalen Nishigori, a Human Design Adviser, will co-lead us as we engage in an exploration of the Dynamic and Aligned self; the one that thrives, feeling increasingly secure and empowered as yourself on this journey.

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