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Come and gather with women at The Metta Space. This is a safe space for you to share your stories, be seen and heard, and learn the tools to heal yourself. These sacred space are focused on spirituality, intuition, empowerment and self-healing.

Each circle is unique as the energy of the circle is created by the woman who shows up.


You are ready to embrace sisterhood.
You are ready to call in self-healing.
You are ready to explore a deeper sense of your spiritual growth.
You are ready to dive into your Authentic Self, your purpose and path in this life.
You are ready to speak your truth (light & shadow).
You are ready to learn boundaries, consent and empowerment.


WHY ::
You will leave the circle feeling purposeful and powerful. In love with all of your experiences; light or shadow. In touch with your truest nature; divine perfection. Connected to your sacred wisdom and intuition. With a deep sense of understanding of your existence in this lifetime and who you are meant to serve. Attracting the love, career & lifestyle of your dreams. Most importantly, you come to circle to be seen & heard.


7:00 – Opening Ceremony with Agreements & Introduction
7:15 – Sharing Circle
8:00 – Theme for the Evening
8:30 – Partner Sharing
9:00 – Closing Ceremony


Spiritual teacher and mentor
Tantrika (as a way of life)
Intuitive (ThetaHealer & Akashic Records)
Sacred space holder
Reiki Master in-training


Denise has hosted multiple women’s and healing circles and has grown to love the power of bringing people, especially women together. Committed to her own self-healing and exploring spirituality (meditation, ancient wisdom, intuition, empowerment) as a means to do so, Denise dives deep into THE WORK and will empower you to do the same.


MY MISSION :: I empower women in their self-healing journey through spirituality and sacred wisdom so they are vibrating with authenticity, free from traumatic experiences, and living with purpose, creativity and connection.


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