Tasting Infinity

Whether we realize it or not, we are all looking for Infinity. From habit, we may look outside, in the world of phenomena and sensory experience. This retreat will explore experientially and conceptually how to reclaim our infinite nature, how to abide in it and make it real even as we live in this physical world. This [...]

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Online SOULFEST Event

Mishka Productions based in Scottsdale Arizona, has been creating Celebrate Your Life events for 25 years! And we are so grateful to create and offer our first ever Online SOULFEST (February 24 to 28) and it’s absolutely FREE! Connect with over 55 of the world’s leading spiritual teachers as they share their wisdom and powerful [...]

9th Annual New Years Gong Immersion

Set your intention for 2020. Come groove with the Light Vibrations Gong Ensemble and gracefully let go of 2019 and celebrate the coming of 2020, the year of the rat.  And Ganesh rides the rat. So guess who’s coming to New Years Eve.  Jai Ganesha… Join Dhyanjot, Chef/percussionist Joel Koch, and friends on an all [...]

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The Secrets to Your Spiritual Success

Metaphysics teaches that the reason that we all incarnate here on earth is twofold - to reach our spiritual potential and to fulfill our purpose. Although we are given everything we need in our life to fully accomplish both, we on average only reach about 50% of our potential and purpose. In this session we [...]

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Immortal Hero

Japan’s Fastest Growing Spiritual Movement Reaches Western Shores with New Inspirational Film, “Immortal Hero” Playing in Sand Diego and Orange County theatres WHAT: Immortal Hero WHEN: Friday, Oct 25 through Wednesday, Oct 30 WHERE: AMC Block 30/ 20 City Blvd W, Orange Showtimes and tickets: www.Immortal-Hero.com WHAT: Immortal Hero WHEN: Friday, Oct 25 through Wednesday, [...]

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Spiritual Teachings of Sri Chinmoy

FREE 3-part class series  Results you can expect from this series include: • Establish (or intensify) your daily meditation practice • Adopt healthy habits for a balanced life • Deepen your faith • Recognize the unity of all spiritual traditions • Meet challenges as opportunities for growth About the Instructor:  As a student of Sri [...]

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Japanese Garden Healing Retreat

A Morning of Meditation, Gentle Yoga, and Sound Therapy We live in a yang world – a swirl of chaos, stress, and frustration. Discover a place in the heart of the city where you can come back into balance and find tranquility. Join us in a luxurious morning mini-retreat, your opportunity to find peace in [...]

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Come shop your favorite Long Time Sun Apparel and other deals on boutique items at the Long Time Sun Trunk Show! This is a Family Friendly Event! When: May 25th 2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Where: CommuniTea Yoga and Meditation 609 Vista Way Oceanside CA 92054 Cost: FREE TO ATTEND *Bring your fave mug: [...]

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Slow Dive Sound Healing with Alex Young

Soften into a profound state of relaxation and peace during this 60-minute class designed to systematically relax the body and the mind. This class begins with gentle breath and movement to release tensions from the day while preparing the body and mind for relaxation. You are then guided through the deeply relaxing practice while being [...]

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Experience the Sound of Soul

Would you like to bring yourself into harmony as a divine part of God? This event may give you the techniques you’ve been seeking.  Singing the sacred word HU, followed by contemplative time can bring: Inner peace and calm The experience of Divine Love An expansion of awareness and spiritual self-discovery A healing of the [...]

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