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Who Are We?

Looking for the Conscious/Spiritual Community in Southern California?

Want a weekly reminder of events? Like to stay informed and connected to what is happening in this community and world?

AwakeningHearts.com is a resource for spiritually-growth minded-philosophers and seekers of truth and the mysterious. Who are also in service to Peace on Earth and World Unity. Like minded individuals interested in Conscious Evolution, Self Discovery and Global Transformation with the Health and Well Being of all life in our hearts. We intend to keep us all inter-connected and informed on the issues of our fast moving times from a Spiritual Evolutionary view. With the many existing organizations offering great services, we plan to create collaborative alliances and bring a unified resource for cross pollination so to speak.

The predecessor to AwakeningHearts.com, InnerNetEvents.com, had been serving the Southern California community for 15 years with a rich Community Calendar and announcments of local events, concerts and meetings. The new AwakeningHearts project intends to extend and expand our reach to include listings for the entire USA.

To get the most from this site, it is best to register as a basic member. It’s easy and the benefits will be many. We will have two levels of memberships a basic and a supporting member. The basic is free and the supporting will have a fee not yet determined. The supporting members will have many incentives though and will help us to move forward with our intended expansion. This will be revealed later. For now tell your friends everywhere to jump on board and enter events and get this site even more robust. Thank you and I hope you find this site a blessing.

Help Us!

We are always improving this site so please let us know of any problems or features that are not working or seem confusing. We appreciate your help. It takes a community to keep a site like this thriving please participate by telling your friends about us. This site is for the community of like minded souls working to create a world that works for all beings. Your feedback will help. Fastest way to reach us is through emailing: Admin@AwakeningHearts.com or use google phone (760) 815-5080 (no texting please).